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“Setting Fires” is our award winning debut single, the beginning of our singer-songwriter journey. We are writing a lot of new music! We have so much more we want to share! And we want to create a story and journey in our Debut Album to inspire and bring positivity to your life.

We are independent artists, so that means we don’t have the support of a label. We love it! This means we have the creative freedom to create music and express ourselves authentically to you! It also means we rely 100% on our fans to help us continue creating music, videos and creative projects.

We appreciate every one of our fans. And we want to bring our fans on the journey of album creation with us.

That’s why we are creating I.Conics - a virtual community to stay connected and have a closer relationship with our supporters, like you! We want to share more exclusive behind-the-scenes, exclusive content, get your input on our creations and much more in a live virtual space!

We want to build genuine relationships with our like-minded supporters who are passionate about making conscious and positive changes to their own and other people’s lives. We want to connect with our tribe in an exclusive and private community in a negative-free space.

We named it I.Conics because we want to remind you to always have confidence in yourselves.
You believe in us! We believe in you! We can achieve anything together!
We can all be “I.Conic” together!

We will continue to inspire and spread positivity and confidence in this community.
We can set fires on our own, but we can only keep that fire burning, together with you!

We are building and creating this community. This is something very special to us. We are super excited to launch I.Conics soon!!

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Watch the behind-the-scenes of our debut single, Setting Fires!


Conscious Music aims to awaken our minds, open our hearts, inspire us to take action, uplift our emotions, invoke positivity and re-connect us to our inner selves. We are working on our Debut Album and we want to bring you on the journey with us. Help us create and bring impactful Conscious Pop Music to life!


Create with us, a negativity-free live virtual space where we can build an authentic relationship with you. I.Conics is an exclusive and private community filled with like-minded people who want to make a conscious and positive transformation through music.


Through exclusive livestreams, we want to share our journey of Debut Album creation with you, including exclusive behind-the-scenes, exclusive content, get your input on our music creations and much more!

I.Con Twins, two asian girl twins smiling and posing with white dresses

Singer-Songwriters | Performing Artists | Content Creators

I.Con Twins

I.Con Twins is a Chinese-Canadian identical twin, singer-songwriter, performing harmony duo, consisting of Calvina Poon and Carmina Poon from Calgary, Canada. 

I.Con Twins stands for I am CONfident. The duo believes that as long as we have self-confidence, we can achieve anything! It's never too late to live a happier and more conscious life!

I.Con Twins writes Conscious Pop music to INSPIRE and spread POSITIVITY & CONFIDENCE to their listeners so that they can confidently transform to their authentic selves. They call it, Music with a transformational message.

In 2016, the duo sacrificed their soaring banking careers in Calgary and moved to Hong Kong to pursue their music dream from scratch.

Since then, they've performed at MGM Resorts International, competed at The Voice of China Hong Kong, performed at Hong Kong's Queen Elizabeth Stadium, MacPherson Stadium and debuted their Canadian performance with an audience that filled a 3500 sq. ft. venue. 

In 2019, I.Con Twins self-launched their debut single, "Setting Fires" on one of Hong Kong's largest broadcasting stations. Within a year of their debut release, "Setting Fires" was awarded "Motivational Act of the Year" in the UK along with becoming the top 5 finalists in the "2020 People's Choice Music Award" in Calgary. In 2022, I.Con Twins received the "Hottest Singer-songwriter Female Group' award from Hong Kong's SSP Alliance Music Charts in honor of their achievements in the music industry.

I.Con Twins are looking forward to Setting Fires and creating more Conscious Pop Music in their debut album with YOU!

What the Press are Saying...

"I.Con Twins is the ultimate mover and shaker. They are a dynamic duo!"

Saadia U. BBC Host & RTHK Producer


"I.Con Twins are all about 'Setting Fires' to conventional expectations"

Chris G. South China Morning Post

What our Fans are Saying...

"Setting Fires" possesses such deep thought and insight telling your story and the song shimmers with hope and provides an inspiring aspect to it. Well Done!!

It is the quality and authenticity of how you both presented the song, terrific feeling throughout the entire track…very energetic heartfelt and genuine.

There is excellent singing and great harmonies throughout. There is so much colorful meaningful lyrical content throughout the song.

The energy, quality and well written lyrics as well as the whole experience made me sit up and take notice, what a treat. I was totally impressed with the entire experience and so happy to have found you, you are my fav group for sure!! I am a fan for life and wish you both the best. Continued success!!"

Bryon T.


"When I listen to your songs, I turn from a zombie into a normal person. I have the strength I want to sing and dance. You are twin sorceresses. Your beautiful voices have real magic.

You have wonderful music. Beautiful and clear voices. I adore you and your songs.

I'm listening to your songs now. They give a boost of vivacity and give a good mood. I like watching your videos. You have gorgeous smiles, shining eyes and very sophisticated beauty. You give good and positive mood. You are wonderful girls and you have a good future.

Thank you twins for your support with music and songs. God bless you"

Boris B.

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