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I.Con Twins in Hong Kong live performance at MacPherson Stadium

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Live Events With I.ConSing4You Performance

  • Do you hold offline or online live events, corporate events, coaching events, conferences, seminars, workshops or live webinars? 
  • Do you want to ATTRACT a bigger audience, RETAIN your guests and CONVERT them to your engaged clients and customers?
  • Do you want to give your guests a transformational experience that keeps them talking about your event for days and months even after your event?

We created I.ConSing4You Performance for you!

In addition to live performances and Keynote Concerts, we specialize in helping brands and companies build brand awareness through our Influencer Marketing services.

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I.ConSing4You Performance created for you!

We can't wait to work with you.


  • We work with you to customize a live performance for your event by either:
  • 1) Customizing a memorable and inspirational Keynote Concert that combines keynote speaking + live music that tailors to your event's theme, target audience, your company's mission and marketing objectives. If you're a corporation or organization looking for inspiring, educational and entertaining speakers and professional singers for your events, this option is created for you.
  • 2) Customizing an uplifting and heartwarming Opening/Closing live music performance for your event. We personally work with you to customize our song repertoire + inspirational dialogue tailored to the theme of your event and your company's brand. If you're a keynote speaker or coach looking for live music to spice up your events, this option is created for you.


  • Through storytelling and live music (singing, cover songs, original songs), our aim is to create an emotional connection between your audience and your brand, so that your audience becomes your company's engaged clients and customers.


  • We help you enhance brand awareness by posting curated social media content that corresponds to your event and/or company across our artist's social media platforms. Your event and/or company brand will be exposed to our artist's targeted audience.

What We Do?

Want to hold a memorable event that keeps people talking?

Through our 3 part A.R.C. Strategy, we will customize a Keynote Concert that



Do you want to attract people to your live events?

The most successful events consist of 3 main components:

1) Inspirational

2) Entertaining

3) Educational

Adding live music entertainment to your event helps you stand out from a sea of corporate events. We work with you to customize a I.ConSing4You Performance that draws people's attention and attract them to RSVP to your event.



Do you want to retain your guests to stay until the end of your presentation or event?

Clients are engaged and client retention is increased when they are entertained and inspired.

We work with you to create a positive, inspirational and educational environment through music + keynote speaking so that your audience will be engaged and remember your brand and event.



Do you want to convert your guests to engage with your company's brand?

Emotionally connected customers are more likely to build loyalty for a brand.

When your event gives a positive emotion to your audience, they associate this positive feeling with your brand. In turn, they are more likely to purchase your products and services.

We focus on emotional marketing and use music as the core to incite emotions and positive associations with your brand.

Organizations We've Worked With

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Here is our Live Performances Reel

ABOUT YOUR I.ConSing4You Performance

Let us create a splash of spontaneity and add a fresh novelty to your next live event with I.ConSing4You Performance. Whether you want to increase your team’s morale or enhance your guests’ emotions in your live event, we will bring your people together and inspire them through the magic of live music.

We will:

Create a customized Keynote Concert that inspires, entertains and educates your target audience.


Open or close your live or virtual event with a fun and uplifting song(s) performance along with a customizable creative dialogue and inspiration.

We will personally work with you to create a distinctive personalized performance tailored specifically to you and your audience.

We perform in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

I.ConSing4You Performance Rate

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Please book at least 1 month in advance.

Bundles are available. Please contact us at bookings@icontwinsofficial.com with "Subject: I.ConSing4You Performance Bundles"

For more information on our Influencer Marketing services, please contact us at hello@icontwinsofficial.com with "Subject: I.Con Twins Influencer Marketing"

All bookings support independent artists + the creation of independent Conscious Pop music.


What Our Clients Say

I.Con Twins share their transformational journey with examples and 4 principles of success. My students was inspired by the story and very engaging experience. It was great experience! They discussed with me about the students learning. Professional. It’s interesting to hear their passion story. If you want to know what true happiness is…how to achieve it then must listen to them. Highly recommended!

- Usman Sadiq, Instructor SAIT School of Business/Business Consultant

"Working with I.Con Twins was definitely an amazing experience. They were easy to work with, clear, and communicated well. Working with I.Con Twins was a true pleasure. The guests felt connected and supported, and it was much more than a performance. They also connected to the audience and spoke to deeper issues of worth, value, and support for strong mental health. I.Con Twins have an excellent energy of support, kindness, and excellence. Working with I.Con Twins was truly a pleasure!"

- Abe Brown, CEO & Founder, Flourishing Coaching

"We loved having the I.Con Twins perform at our Grand Opening. It was a positive, energetic way to entertain our guests with a purpose of empowerment. I highly recommend them for your event."

- Connie Jakab, Director of Community, Flourishing Coaching program

I.Con Twins, two asian girl twins smiling and posing with white dresses


I.Con Twins

I.Con Twins is a Chinese-Canadian identical twin, singer-songwriter, performing harmony duo, consisting of Calvina Poon & Carmina Poon from Calgary, Canada. 

I.Con Twins stands for I am CONfident. The duo believes that as long as we have confidence and believe in ourselves, we can achieve anything! It's never too late to live a happier and more conscious life!

I.Con Twins writes Conscious Pop music to INSPIRE and spread POSITIVITY and CONFIDENCE to their listeners so that they can confidently transform to their authentic selves. They call it, “Music with a transformational message.

In 2016, the duo sacrificed their soaring banking careers in Calgary and moved to Hong Kong to pursue their music dream from scratch.

Since then, they've performed at MGM Resorts International, competed at The Voice of China Hong Kong, performed at Hong Kong's Queen Elizabeth Stadium, MacPherson Stadium and debuted their Canadian performance with an audience that filled a 3500 sq. ft. venue. 

In 2019, I.Con Twins self-launched their debut single, "Setting Fires" on one of Hong Kong's largest broadcasting stations, RTHK. Within a year of their debut release, "Setting Fires" was awarded "Motivational Act of the Year" in the UK along with becoming the top 5 finalists in the "2020 People's Choice Music Award" in Calgary. In 2022, I.Con Twins received the "Hottest Singer-songwriter Female Group" award from Hong Kong's SSP Alliance Music Charts in honor of their achievements in the music industry.

They have amassed a growing online community of 13K+ followers on their socials.

I.Con Twins travel between Canada and Hong Kong for music.

They're looking forward to working with you and connecting with you through music!

Get your I.ConSing4You Performance to hold the event of the year!


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Photographs by HK Talent Star & Max A.M. 503