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Brighten Your Day with I.ConSing4You Telegrams

Treat yourself or make someone’s day with a personalized 1-on-1 live singing telegram. Whether you’re celebrating an important occasion or simply need a pick-me-up, we will uplift and brighten your day or your friends'/family’s day with the power of live music.

Sometimes it’s challenging to express your feelings through words. A song speaks a thousand words. Let us help you send your message to that special someone with our I.ConSing4You Telegram! 

$100 USD for ONE I.ConSing4You Telegram - PHONE CALL

$175 USD for ONE I.ConSing4You Telegram - VIDEO CALL

  • Bundles Pricing available below

ABOUT YOUR I.ConSing4You Telegram

We hope to connect with you or help you connect with someone through music.

Once you’ve decided whether you want your I.ConSing4You Telegram to be delivered through a Phone Call or a Video Call, we will personally call, send your special message and perform a song for the recipient.

You will save 20% by purchasing a bundle of 12. Treat yourself to a live singing performance every month or send one each month to the same or different loved ones.

Limited quantities. Order now and schedule later for your next special occasion.

We sing in English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

All purchases support independent artists + the creation of independent Conscious Pop music.

I.ConSing4You Telegram Pricing

PHONE CALL (via Whatsapp):

  • $100 for ONE
  • Bundle of 3: $270 (Expires 1 month from date of purchase)
  • Bundle of 6: $510 (Expires 4 months from date of purchase)
  • Bundle of 12: $960 (Expires 12 months from date of purchase)

VIDEO CALL (via Whatsapp or Zoom):

  • $175 for ONE
  • Bundle of 3: $473 (Expires 1 month from date of purchase)
  • Bundle of 6: $893 (Expires 4 months from date of purchase)
  • Bundle of 12: $1680 (Expires 12 months from date of purchase)

Rush Requests (within 48 hours): $50 USD (subject to artists’ availability)

I.Con Twins, two asian girl twins smiling and posing with white dresses


I.Con Twins

I.Con Twins is a Chinese-Canadian identical twin, singer-songwriter, performing harmony duo, consisting of Calvina Poon & Carmina Poon from Calgary, Canada. 

I.Con Twins stands for I am CONfident. The duo believes that as long as we have self-confidence, we can achieve anything! It's never too late to live a happier and conscious life!

I.Con Twins writes Conscious Pop music to INSPIRE and spread POSITIVITY & CONFIDENCE to their listeners. They call it, Music with a positive message.

In 2016, the duo sacrificed their soaring banking careers in Calgary and moved to Hong Kong to cultivate their passion for music.

Since then, they've performed at MGM Resorts International, competed at The Voice of China Hong Kong, performed at Hong Kong's Queen Elizabeth Stadium, MacPherson Stadium and debuted their Canadian performance with an audience that filled a 3500 sq. ft. venue. 

In 2019, I.Con Twins self-launched their debut single, "Setting Fires" on one of Hong Kong's largest broadcasting stations, RTHK. Within a year of their debut release, "Setting Fires" was awarded "Motivational Act of the Year" in the UK along with becoming the top 5 finalists in the "2020 People's Choice Music Award" in Calgary.

I.Con Twins are looking forward to singing for you and connecting with you through music!

Get your I.ConSing4You Telegram to brighten your day today!


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Photographs by RV almostfilmmaker & Max A.M. 503